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of household assistant!

My Perfect Day!

“My Perfect Day” is an online learning experience commissioned by the Service Voucher Sector Training Fund that allows you to explore the job of domestic help in an interactive way.

The aim of the experience is to break down preconceived ideas about the job as well as showing the genuine opportunities it offers young people and teaching the basics of the job. Players have access to online training in the techniques and attitudes needed for the job of domestic help.

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Web series

Follow Cécile, a new household assistant, through her working day, learn how to react to different situations and experiment with the best ways of dealing with your customers.



By following interactive, targeted courses, you'll learn about the technical aspects of a household assistant's job, as well as how to deal with different issues. Discover the 10 themes and take the quizzes!

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Ready to roll up your sleeves? It's time or you to have a go at these interactive activities. Clean from top to bottom and test your knowledge!


Directions for use

MPD: Three ways to find out about the profession of household assistant

A web series that takes a humorous look at various situations related to the job. Interactive videos in which the user makes choices and learns the tricks of the trade in no time at all.

Training courses modelled on paper guides, but with videos instead of photos, which makes the courses more dynamic and adds to the learning experience, particularly for courses in ergonomics and ironing.

Online challenges or games that are always interactive, with role-playing exercises and quizzes to make learning fun.


The web series presents humorous topics (e.g. authorized activities, smoking in the workplace, mobile phone use, safety, etc.), situations (not enough time to complete tasks, being late, finding money, breaking an object, etc.) and tips and tricks for dealing with them. The user then learns about the whole household assistant profession in a fun way, through reflection, as they have to answer questions, and interaction, as they have to make choices. It's a simple, up-to-date method that matches the common cognitive process for fixing things quickly and enjoyably.


Alone in front of your mobile phone, tablet or PC, reading and getting to grips with the job, learning and getting an idea of the various situations a household assistant might be faced with, and already discovering the answers.

In a group, as part of a training course based on finding out about a theme or situation. Watching the series can complement more academic training and provide interaction within the group through choices to be made or quizzes to be answered as a group. This is a stimulating way of doing things, as it encourages discussion within the group.

In a group, as part of a peer review session. The subject is opened with the series, choices and answers to be made are discussed as a group and then the group is opened for discussion.

If you only want to use the quizzes, you can access them directly by clicking on "see quizzes" before starting the series of your choice!


10 guides / 10 themes to find out more. This is a more traditional course that alternates theory, tips and quizzes. This is all complemented by videos for a more dynamic introduction to the subject.


Alone in front of your PC, tablet or mobile phone, reading and getting to grips with the job, learning and discovering the profession and improving your professional skills, above all technical skills, although the latest guide focuses on behavioural skills.

In groups, the trainer can then illustrate the class with videos and quizzes, answer questions, stimulate interaction between participants and enable the sharing of best practice.


Two challenge games are offered: one focusing on general knowledge and the other more specifically on work organisation. It's simply a fun way of learning that allows content to be grasped in a different way


Users can either use the game before consulting the training courses or afterwards, as the challenge is also designed as a learning exercise to challenge their knowledge.

The game can also be used alone or in a group to facilitate interaction and allow the trainer to add to the discussion.

Don't worry, you can download the web series and the training courses, as well as the quizzes included in the web series. There's a "download" button at the top of the site.

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In the new unzipped folder, click on:

  • the ‘episode’ link to access the episode and the quiz.
  • the ‘quiz’ link, if you want to test your knowledge.

Don't worry, the web series offers the option of using subtitles in French, Dutch or English. There's a "subtitles" button throughout each episode to switch to audio-off mode.

Cécile's advice often draws on the content covered in the training courses. If you want to go further, there's a Cecile's info button button that takes you to the guide that expands on the information in Cécile's tips.

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